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Then Mazist appears on the threshold and right off the bat stuns everyone with the following phrase:

- How long ago did you, Alexander Sergeyevich, join the ranks of the faithful Jews?

But you can’t tell by streakashmarik - an absolutely Russian, intelligent face! The Baron's ratty eyes revolved with redoubled energy. Not because a good combination came to him, but because he did not understand how to react to these words and what, in fact, they were talking about. All his neighbors on the table turned their bewildered gaze from Mazist to Baron and got ready for another funny story OnlineCasinoItaliani.

Approaching the table, the troublemaker continued:

“I was in the area tonight on business. Then we drove ... and on the way we passed by your restaurant. (Although the Baron was not a well-known restaurateur, he had his own small legal business. And at the end of 93, he even installed a poker table at his place, adding a sign "Casino" to the signboard with the words "Restaurant".

This "marketing move" was made in order to increase the popularity of his institution among local drunkards.) - And can you imagine what I saw? (Odessa accent was flawless.)

All those gathered looked inquiringly at him, and then at the

completely lost Baron. After a theatrical pause, Mazist continued:

“Well, you finally mustered up the courage to change the sign. Now your restaurant will not know the end of those who want to eat kosher.


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