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Possumwood 2022 Raffle

Official rules

• Purchase as many ticket "batches" as you like.

  (Tickets will be entered into the drawing bin and not mailed to you.)

• Only one name may be used per "batch" of tickets.

  (The Same name must be printed on each ticket of that batch)​​

• Each Name is eligible to win a maximum of 2 times.

• Be sure Name and Number are clearly printed on Tickets.

   (online purchases will be filled out by us, please include phone number)

• Need not be present to win, but everyone is welcome to attend.

• Prizes will be selected in the same order the winners are drawn.

  (First Drawn gets first choice. if first drawn is not present they will be         contacted and still have first choice of gifts)

• Remember this is a charity event, so please have fun!


Possumwood Acres 2022

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