Dead duck sparks animal cruelty investigation in Onslow County

An investigation has started after a citizen reported the killing of a duck in Onslow County.

Photos of the dead duck were posted on the Facebook page of Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary Saturday morning. Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller says the duck was found in the Piney Green area at Rocky Run Road.

Part of Possumwood's description of the photos on Facebook reads, "It had been stabbed through the head with a pencil. It also looks like it was beaten."

Miller says they are bringing in an animal cruelty investigator to uncover what happened.

He also took to his Facebook page to express his disapproval. Part of his post reads, "Good citizens of Onslow County. Please talk to your young people and discourage them from maliciously harming animals with cruelty. And if you see such cruel conduct, document the facts, time-date-location-description and let us know."