We're sorry but there is no camp this summer 2018

Possumwood Pals Day Camp offers your child an educational experience while still enjoying the summer sun. With four different week-long session, your child will participate in activities focused on animal handling, nature arts and crafts, STEM - simple citizen science activities, team building, and environmental education

Session 1: Bird, Bird, Bird, The Bird is the Word

Dates: July 10-July 14

Times: 9am-2pm

Focus: Songbirds, shorebirds, waterfowl, birds of prey - we will explore the different lifestyles and habitats of birds, and examine their similarities and differences.   We’ll demonstrate what makes each bird unique, and learn about what enables them to fly.   Children will be able to interact with several of our bird ambassadors and even get the chance to feed baby songbirds. 

Cost: $150/participant

Session 2: Birds of Prey- Raptor Week

Dates: July 17-July 21

Times: 9am-2pm

Focus: We have many different species: owls, hawks vultures, falcon, and kite. Children will learn all about these magnificent Raptors as we explore their habitat and natural history.  The role of predator and prey will be explained through interactive games.  Children will be allowed to “adopt” their favorite raptor as well as get a picture with one of the hawks or owls throughout the experience.

Cost: $175/participant
Session 3: Conservation Week

Dates: July 24-July 28

Times: 9am-2pm

Focus: We will meet and study all the wildlife of Possumwood while helping to care for them. Why are these animals here? What happened to them? Could this be prevented?   How can children make a difference?  We will also study environmental issues - water, soil, conservation, and human impact.   This will be a week filled with science Q&A, experiments, and activities, constructing different habitats, and learning how to save our natural resources.

Cost: $150/participant
Session 4: Meet the Mammals

Dates: July 31-August 4

Times: 9am-2pm

Focus: Come explore some of NC mammals up close and personal. We will learn about the different mammal species of NC by taking some time with our resident animal ambassadors. What makes one a wild species and another one domestic?  Have you ever pet an opossum? Have you hugged a bunny?  Brushed a goat?  Scratched a pig?  Well, you will!  Of course, the many peacocks, turkeys, guinea hens, Onyx the Crow, and guinea pigs will want attention, too!

Cost: $150/participant
Session 5: Counselor in Training (CIT)

Dates: Session 1, 2, 3, or 4

Times: 9am-2pm

Focus: As a CIT you will work alongside our interns and staff to learn the daily work routines and responsibilities. You will also assist with the summer camp sessions and project activities, as well as help supervise the campers. If you are considering a career in Early Childhood Education this session will benefit you!  A Certificate of Completion will be provided to document your training.

Cost: $50
Age: 14+

Additional Opportunities: Possumwood Acres is dedicated to serving our military community and their families. That is why we offer special sessions and programs for children with disabilities, autism, PTSD, and military dependents whose parents are deployed. To inquire further, give us a call at 910-326-6432 or contact us here. 
Guidelines: Because Possumwood Pals offers an outdoor experience sunscreen, bug repellent, and closed toed shoes are a must! Because your camper will be participating in so many activities throughout the day it is also recommended that you provide your camper with lunch, snack, and water bottle.   A hat, sunglasses, and water boots are also helpful.
CAUTION:  There are peanuts, peanut products, and tree nuts used throughout the sanctuary to feed the birds and animals.  Anyone with a serious nut/peanut allergy must be aware of this.

(910) 326-6432

119 Doe Dr, Hubert, NC 28539, USA